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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 02:54 pm
The further adventures of Simon.

He is settling in very well. He likes me a lot, and he tolerates Robinson, and he adores Tabitha. He says that when he grown up he wants to have green eyes and stripes, just like hers. Tabitha is not so sure about him, even though she has allowed him to touch noses. Mostly she thumps him when he gets too close (but with claws sheathed). Her nose is a bit out-of-joint, especially as he has a habit of rushing in just when she wants to come on my lap for a cuddle, and he's figured out how to jump up to her feeding bowl. Tabitha and I have a long-time ritual that she comes on my bed after she's had her breakfast and while I'm reading LJ and checking my email. It's hard to be peaceful when there's a kitten mewing piteously and waving his paw under the door, but it's either that or Simon zooms in and jumps on my chest purring madly and Tabitha goes off in a huff. On Sunday morning, though, I had one of them on each side of me, which was lovely.

Why, thank you for leaving this nice warm cat bed on the table!
He thinks laptops are for sleeping.

Sometimes, real beds are best
But so are beds.

Altogether now, say "Awwwwww..."
And chairs

So Many Books!
Books are interesting

Not Me!
I'd like to borrow these, please...

Glamour Shot
Why, yes, indeed, I am awesome.


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