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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 10:23 am
Hello, Kitty!Please welcome the latest addition to my household: Simon the Siamese.

It was one of those nice little serendipitous things; I've been thinking for a while about getting a second cat to be company for Tabitha, especially as I'm facing the loss of Robinson in the not-too-distant future. Having a young thing around might help both of us weather that. And then, yesterday, I happened to be doing routine errands in the Pet food emporium, and there he was! My pet shop does a satellite service for the local SPCA, and I usually go by and say hello to the cats in their cages. Yesterday morning, I noticed a siamese kitten looking out at me, and when I went to talk to him he came right up to the bars of the cage and nudged my hand, then stared at me fixedly, and my heart was lost. My friend kp, the cat expert, had recommended that if I got another cat it should be male and preferably a kitten, and I love siamese cats, so this was a match made in heaven. I wasn't sure they'd let me adopt a kitten, given that I have a dog and another cat, but perhaps it's the time of year when they're over-run. In any case, I got the approval within minutes, and very soon after Simon was ensconced in my bedroom at home.

He has not yet met Tabitha face-to-face, but they have sniffed each other under doorways. I'm letting him have the run of the house when Tabitha is out, and then giving Tabitha lots of love while he's shut away. Robinson is pretty much oblivious. Yesterday, Simon hissed and arched his back at R, but this morning he (Simon) came and hung out on my lap while R was lying at my feet, so I suspect all will be well fairly soon. I'm hoping that later today I can have both cats free in the house. There's something of the quality of a bedroom farce in whipping one out of the way when the other comes to the door!

Simon seems to have a very strong personality and has taken the new surroundings very much in stride. He likes to sit on my shoulders, which is fine for now, though may not be optimum when he gets bigger :)
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Saturday, June 4th, 2011 10:03 am
Ate ten prawn shells last night. Of course, that means that stupid owner left them somewhere where dog could get them (and ate 10 spot prawns all by herself nom nom nom).

Anyway, dog doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects. He slept as soundly as only a deaf old dog can, and doesn't appear to have had any tummy upset.

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 06:25 pm
You have to drive him (two and a half blocks) to the dog park.
You are ecstatic when you realize that he's still breathing, though deeply asleep.
You use your mother's wheelchair lift to get him up and down the front steps of the house.
You have little pieces of yoga mat all around your house, to give him traction on your wood floor.
Your cat doesn't take him seriously.
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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 05:31 pm
Enjoying His Birthday Treat

He's fourteen today. He doesn't look it in this picture, does he? But what you can't see is that he's nearly blind and quite deaf and has quite wobbly back legs, and spends 90% of his time sleeping. But he eats well, and so far he's not having any problems with his bladder or bowels and doesn't seem to have any painful bits except his back legs...

Living with an old dog is so desperately bitter-sweet.

But today, he's fourteen, and seems healthy, and had a lovely afternoon puttering about in the garden. I appreciate every day I have with him.
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Monday, November 8th, 2010 06:02 pm
I am saddened to have to report that Robinson is taking Zoe's death very well indeed.

He has been downright perky, and seems more relaxed than he's been for a while.

Zoe was a darling, but she could be quite unpleasant to Robinson. As a friend of mine said, "They don't call them 'bitches' for nothing!"

Robinson is a sweet, unassuming, gentlemanly dog, and couldn't stand up to her. I think he's glad she's gone.

And he's been very attentive to me, as only a sweet dog very closely bonded to his person can be when his person is distressed. As I have been. I'd forgotten just how effing painful grief can be.

Zoe may have been a bitch, but I do miss her.

But Robinson and Tabitha are my creature comforts.

And you! Thank you for all the messages of condolence. They really mean a lot.
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Monday, April 5th, 2010 04:14 pm
I've had a lovely relaxing weekend, despite the howling gales for much of it. My friend mkb had a get-together for her parents' friends and relations to celebrate her mother's life, and a lot of them had trouble with ferries and planes (although I don't think anyone was prevented from getting here).

I managed to get some marking done, and some work in the garden, including hauling up Constance Spry (a climbing rose, for the uninitiated) from the ground where the wind had blown her. This involved a complicated process with bungey cords and wire: I tied a bungey cord around her "waist" and pulled her up off the ground, then threaded wires around the corner of the deck and pulled her tighter to the corner each time. She actually looks better now than she did before, because I also took the opportunity to cut out some dead wood, and she's more securely fastened to the deck.

In the process, I discovered a bush-tit nest in the top of the rose, which had been unharmed in the crash. Once I got the rose fixed up, I saw the little birds going to and fro again with stuff in their beaks, so they seem undeterred. I shall have to keep Tabitha away. I think they're probably safe, but it wouldn't surprise me to see her launch herself from the top of the deck into the rose if she gets the chance. I hate keeping her out of the garden, but as soon as I let her out she makes a bee-line for the deck and sits, drooling, under the bird feeder. It hardly seems sporting to invite the birds to come and then let my cat kill them.

Saturday was Robinson's birthday - he's thirteen! Here he is in his birthday portrait.

Happy Birthday, Robinson
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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 05:17 pm
Robinson in Black and White

I was inspired by the artist's rendition to try a B&W shot of my own. This one is also the result of something I learned in my photography class about using fill-in flash to make the subject pop and darken the background. I am pleased with the result. (I love it when you plan a shot, and actually get something worthwhile!)
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Monday, November 17th, 2008 09:55 pm
Robinson at the Dog Park

I've been posting so much about Tabitha that you could be forgiven for thinking I'd forgotten all about my dear Robinson. Well, I haven't.

I think he's happier not being the only animal. He seems more relaxed and less demanding. He's sleeping better and eating better and is quite cheerful a lot of the time.

I like this photo, because it's very Robinson. It captures his movement and his cheerful expression. He looks happy. Hard to believe he's getting to be almost 12 years old...
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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 09:40 pm
I didn't sleep well last night (isn't it always the way when you have to get up early after a lovely long weekend?)

Then I had a meeting at 9:00 am and taught until 7:30 pm. It's been a long day.

I have managed to get almost all my marking done; just one lot of 150 assignments for tomorrow not done. I may get up early and do them, but don't feel any strong obligation. I got everything else done, which feels good.

And the meeting? I thought it was going to be horrible, and actually it wasn't too bad.

Tabby-bits is playing with her mouse. There's no question that's her favourite toy. She and Robinson touched noses earlier, but then had a nasty scrap when she tried to eat his dinner and he objected. I had to wallop him, but really it's hard to blame him. Kittens can be extremely tactless sometimes.

My brain is mush and I don't think I'm making much sense. Must. Go. To. Bed.
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Monday, November 10th, 2008 06:13 pm
You knew you wanted one...

I think the introduction of Tabitha to my household can be deemed a complete success. She has just been doing the full kitten sprint around the house, paws thundering as only a kitten's can, while Robinson lay more-or-less oblivious in the middle of the hall. She just jumps over him.

Earlier, I had Robinson up on his grooming table in the study. Yes, the same study where Tabitha's litter-box and food and so on are kept. While he was lying on his side on the table having tangles pulled from his coat, Tabitha stomped in, ate, relieved herself, and then came and supervised the grooming. When a kitten is willing to use her litter box Right In Front of a Large Hairy Dog, I consider that we have at the very least detente, and very possibly armistice (appropriately enough for the season).

She is now lying opposite me on "her" couch, blinking owlishly.

nablopomo 10
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Friday, November 7th, 2008 01:01 pm
Tabitha Supervises the Bath

And Tabitha supervises.

Hee. As you can see, she's not just "settling in," she's taking over :)
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Friday, October 31st, 2008 08:56 am
I bought Tabitha a toy yesterday: a wicker ball with feathers sticking out of the top. She played with it happily yesterday evening, and this morning I gave it to her to distract her from attacking my fingers on the laptop (I was trying to finish the fine points of a large DE presentation I'm giving this afternoon). It took her about four minutes to get the feathers out of the ball... I shall have to take them away from her, as I imagine they can't be terrifically good for her, should she eat one. (I'm surprised at how non-durable the toy was, considering it was made by Kong).

We've reached a point in the household now where I can have both animals in the same room and Tabitha can play while Robinson snoozes. Occasionally, T does something silly and arouses R, and I have to intervene. She is usually adept at finding a place to get out of his way, but could sometimes be cornered. I've been very stern with R about this - I don't want him to feel unloved, but she's only a baby, and I'm very determined that we should have a household with all equal members. Clio was different, because she was an established mature cat when Robinson first met her, and she never took any shit from him, though as she got older she did become somewhat leary of him. Anyway, at the moment, I'm confident things will work out. The door to "Tabitha's" room (my spare bedroom/study) has a baby gate on it so that she can escape to it, and I separate them or shut one of them up when I can't supervise their interactions (like when cooking, or if I REALLY have to get some work done).

I don't have time to take, process and upload pictures right now - I'm sure I'll take lots this weekend! Tabitha is going to the vet shortly for her shots and things. This may be interesting.

By the way - did you see my made-of-awesome icon? [ profile] curtana made it for me! (thank you!!!)
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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 08:43 am
Robinson and Tabitha have now touched noses, and are both loose in the house. Tabitha has a baby gate across the door to "her" room, so she can run into it if necessary and also to keep nosy dogs out of her litter box. Her food's in there, too, at the moment, though I may move it onto the kitchen counter in a while, when I'm quite sure she and Robinson can be left alone together.

Robinson is lying peacefully in his bed beside mine, while I sit on my bed working. I don't know where Tabitha is - probably in a sink somewhere. She seems obsessed with taps. She has looked in the doorway a couple of times but seems unsure of passing in front of Robinson (wise kitty).

I suspect, though, that given half a chance, Ms T is going to be one of those cats that likes to taunt dogs. This morning, just after the momentous nose touching, she was lounging on the edge of the kitchen counter while Robinson stood at my feet below her. One paw waved casually down towards Robinson back... I told her sternly that she was being very unwise, and that fur batting on such short acquaintance was not quite the thing. I could tell, though, that she was thinking very seriously about jumping on him.

I suspect my household is going to become quite lively.
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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 12:14 pm
In which it is discovered that

- Tabitha would prefer to share my breakfast porridge while I am eating it, but is happy to lick the bowl afterwards.

- Tabitha is an expert at the one-paw-full-cartwheel, the sideways mouse toss, the reverse mouse toss, the upside-down-couch-hang, and, of course, the full hallway dash. She has also discovered the slipperiness of wood floors (good for sliding into first).

- It is very difficult to brush one's teeth when There is a Kitten in the Bathroom Sink.

I am also pleased to report that she walked by the room where Robinson was confined behind a baby-gate without turning a hair and, in fact, she and Robinson spent some minutes gazing at each other about two feet apart. I was only just able to catch her before she launched herself over the gate into Robinson's waiting paws. I think this relationship may be going to work out.
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Thursday, July 10th, 2008 09:48 pm
He has an abscess. At least that's what they think, and we will assume so unless it doesn't get better or gets worse or something. He was a model of patient goodness at the vet while she poked around in a place that must have been sore. He had his beard slightly shaved, a hole poked in to drain and was sent home with antibiotics. The bank was not broken, and I am relieved. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon. Poor boy; it must have been uncomfortable.
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Thursday, July 10th, 2008 06:57 pm
I had lunch today with [ profile] lidocafe and her charming daughter, and it was good :) Then we wandered over to visit [ profile] superfoo and [ profile] marri at their place of employment and hung around making a nuisance of ourselves and bought some yummy cleansing things. Then we bought ice-cream. Then we wandered down to the harbour and went shopping in a silly things shop for birthday presents and I bought the most charming wind-up penguin that I'm going to use in my bath. Oh, and I also purchased morel mushrooms and salad greens and spinach and baby zucchini from the produce market in Bastion Square. It was all extremely pleasant.

The only slight cloud on the horizon now is that I came home to discover that Robinson has a swelling on his lower jaw. It doesn't seem to hurt him, but it obviously worries him a bit. The vets took it more seriously than I did and made an appointment for us this evening - I'm taking him over there shortly. I doubt that it's anything too serious - he may have been stung by a bee. No doubt I shall empty my bank account once more though (good thing it's payday tomorrow).
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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 06:28 pm
I can't believe that I never tried out the "movie" function on my little toy digital camera before now.

This could be the start of something big...

Anyway, here's my first official upload to YouTube: "Robinson comes when he's called"
It's really, really, short.

If you're lucky, I might upload "Robinson chases a ball" tomorrow.
I'm not sure whether or not I wish I had one of Cholmondeley. It would probably make me cry to watch it.
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Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 11:50 am
My Robs is eleven years old today. His birthday has not started terribly happily, as it's recycling day, and he hates the sound of the trucks - their air brakes and their rumble and the crash of breaking glass as the men empty the blue boxes.

Later, I'll take him for a nice walk, and see if I can find him a tasty tidbit for his supper.

Here is my favourite picture of him, looking perfectly himself, slightly scruffy and cheerful.

Just Robs
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Sunday, September 9th, 2007 05:39 pm
It was a blazing beautiful day today, and I am feeling content and happy with my lot (for once - *grin*).

Who could fail to be happy when she can walk up a high hill and look out over blue seas and mountains, with the sun on the water glinting like gold leaf?

Or see three turkey buzzards wheeling in the bright air?

Or catch by its soft rustle the fluid dart of a snake?

Or sit with the warm, solid shoulder of her dog against her side, feeling the rise and fall of his breath under his soft fur?

Or see this?

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Monday, August 27th, 2007 03:52 pm
Sore, but nothing too serious, thank heavens.

When we went for our walk yesterday, Robinson suddenly started limping quite badly, and when we got home he was very quiet and sorry for himself. When I got home from my movie expedition, I found him lying on the floor not wanting to get up. He didn't eat his supper and was in quite obvious pain overnight (whimpering every time he had to move).

So off to the vet we went this morning, and he's spent the day being prodded, x-rayed and having a chiropractic alignment. The upshot is that although he shows some minor arthritic changes in his neck, he doesn't show any serious damage, and may in fact have had a pulled muscle. I've got some anti-inflammatory to give him as needed (I don't like using it, but it does help to ease the pain when necessary). He's also supposed to rest (ha ha) and will have another chiropractic treatment on Thursday.

Of course, my wallet (or credit card) is lighter by over $500 - so much for the new lens for my camera! - but it's worth it to know that he's okay.