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Monday, January 2nd, 2012 05:25 pm
I return, triumphant, from a very successful shopping trip. To whit:

2 pairs of cord pants
1 velvety/cord jacket
3 (count them) THREE! cashmere sweaters (one turtle, one v-neck and one hoodie)
1 wool blend v-neck sweater
1 cotton cable knit turtle-neck sweater
1 v-neck t-shirt
3 pairs of tights

YAY! I badly needed some new clothes, and it was great to get them at greatly reduced prices.

And they're not all black, which makes a change. Only some of them :)
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Thursday, July 10th, 2008 06:57 pm
I had lunch today with [ profile] lidocafe and her charming daughter, and it was good :) Then we wandered over to visit [ profile] superfoo and [ profile] marri at their place of employment and hung around making a nuisance of ourselves and bought some yummy cleansing things. Then we bought ice-cream. Then we wandered down to the harbour and went shopping in a silly things shop for birthday presents and I bought the most charming wind-up penguin that I'm going to use in my bath. Oh, and I also purchased morel mushrooms and salad greens and spinach and baby zucchini from the produce market in Bastion Square. It was all extremely pleasant.

The only slight cloud on the horizon now is that I came home to discover that Robinson has a swelling on his lower jaw. It doesn't seem to hurt him, but it obviously worries him a bit. The vets took it more seriously than I did and made an appointment for us this evening - I'm taking him over there shortly. I doubt that it's anything too serious - he may have been stung by a bee. No doubt I shall empty my bank account once more though (good thing it's payday tomorrow).
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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 05:10 pm
I slept late this morning, not because I was debauched yesterday, for I was not at all, but just because I could. It feels so good to have time off and nothing much to do in it.

Yesterday was a very quiet day, and I regretted somewhat having refused invitations, as I was rather too much by myself. It's so hard when the Christmas zeitgeist is all about family, and you haven't one. At least not within reach. I have to confess that the bit in the Queen's speech where she sent prayers to those who were alone and in mourning made me cry. Serves me right for listening to the Queen's speech. My mother would howl with laughter - she always listened faithfully but I used to try hard to miss it. We had a tradition that you couldn't open presents until after the Queen's speech, which is fine in Canada when it's played fairly early in the morning, but tough if you're in England :)

Anyway, my dinner on Christmas eve with my friend mkb was very successful. The food was great and we were quite jolly and replete afterwards. We went for a walk yesterday morning, and I actually took the dogs out again in the afternoon because I felt that I wanted to get out. Then I had leftovers and some good sparkling chardonnay and watched Ratatouille.

Today I met mkb downtown for lunch and did a little bit of shopping. I bought a lovely moss green fleece from Valhalla on sale, and some gorilla gloves for dog walking, and David Mitchell's Black Swan Green in hardcover for 6.99 off the sale table at Munro's (which is, as [ profile] lidocafe has said, proof that God exists), and a calendar for my kitchen and one for my bathroom and one for my office at the college. Oh, and [ profile] lidocafe - they have Blundstones ON SALE at The Cobbler! In our size!! Or at least more or less - I couldn't get them to fit, but you might be luckier if your feet are a slightly different shape.

Tonight there is an hour-long episode of Coronation St to make up for it not being on for two days, and I still have the second Pirates of the Caribbean from Zip and may watch that, or I might read - I have a great novel from [ profile] lidocafe to read, and also want to finish the Haruki Murakami that I'm reading now (Norwegian Wood, in case you're interested). My tree is beautiful and the dogs are snoring at my feet now as I write. All is well.
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Friday, September 28th, 2007 05:03 pm
Like [ profile] lidocafe, I have had a pleasantly relaxing day, without recourse to any serious work. Procrastination begins in earnest as soon as essays and assignments start coming in. Anyway, today I have been busy, but have not accomplished much of note, and feel relatively content that it should be the case.

I started off fairly early, with my after-a-year x-ray and checkup of my bionic hip. I seemed to be emitting magnetic rays of some kind, because the parking machine at the surgeon's office and then the x-ray machine had hiccups, and later a couple of other machines failed in my presence as well. The x-ray technician was cheery, even though my magnetic emissions meant that we had to move to a different room, and then the pictures didn't turn out and had to be redone (see, I told you - these emissions were powerful!). The surgeon who gave me my new hip has retired, so I met a new one today, who was youngish (maybe in his late thirties or early forties) and quite good looking. I was sitting in my underwear on the bed thing with this stupid paper sheet over my legs, and he said "let me see you walk" - so I jumped down and strode across the room in my undies, completely not bothered, until HE said "oh, didn't the nurse speak to you about wearing shorts..." and I said "yes, for next time" and he said "yes, well a lot of people don't feel comfortable wearing a gown," and blah blah blah, but the upshot was that he made me feel all self-conscious when I hadn't before! Just as well I wasn't wearing a thong!

Anyway, all reports are fine, my hip is still there and hasn't gotten loose or anything, so I don't have to go back again for another year (when I will wear shorts)

Home to find an Amazon delivery - two books! The new Robin McKinley and Fans, Bloggers and Gamers by Henry Jenkins, which I wanted to read because of some things I'm thinking about writing.

Thence with dogs to drop On Chesil Beach back at the library, pick up a few things at Blockbuster, the liquor store and Save-On, and then to Madrona Farms where I purchased salad greens, arugula, and tsai choi, and then a walk (the dogs said FINALLY) at Mt. Doug.

This afternoon I felt compelled to tidy my kitchen and my living room, and would do some dusting and vacuuming, except then I would have nothing left to do to procrastinate with, and I have marking to do, but will, I think, leave it till tomorrow. Dogs are just about to be taken for their second walk.

After that, I will make cauliflour cheese for supper, watch Coronation St and something on dvd, as yet to be determined.

And all the while, it's a blazingly lovely Fall day. I love this kind of weather - sunny but crisp and cool.
Is it the last day of summer today? I can't remember.
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Saturday, September 8th, 2007 07:31 am
I went shopping at Costco yesterday for the first time in my life. I'm not sure why, exactly - just on a whim, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I had no idea it was so regimented. You have to show i.d. (membership card) to get in! And your receipt to get out!

So of course the first thing I had to do was buy a membership, which I got discounted because I have an AmEx card. That didn't stop them from trying to get me a) to buy an "Executive" membership or b) to get ANOTHER AmEx card that would give me further discounts at Costco. The constant pressure to upgrade to "Executive" was a bit tiresome - I was given a spiel at the checkout and then another spiel by a guy who looked up my "shopping history" after I'd been through the till (of course, I had no history until yesterday). With a straight face, they said "oh, it pays for itself; all you have to do is spend $2500 in a year and your membership is free!" Um.

I guess for a family, it would be distinctly possible to spend that much. For me, shopping only for one person? Not likely.

I spent $250 yesterday, but this is what I bought: behind a cut to spare delicate sensibilities )
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Friday, August 24th, 2007 08:59 am
Spent a pleasant interlude having lunch and shopping with [ profile] lidocafe yesterday. We went to The Lotus Pond on my recommendation, but I had forgotten that she dislikes mushrooms and didn't know that she dislikes tofu, so a vegan Chinese restaurant was not perhaps the best choice. I think I enjoyed it more than she.

However, we wandered around the increasingly gentrified shops in lower Johnson St and Chinatown, went to MEC for water bottles for work and daughter's school respectively, and tried on shoes. It turns out that we have the same size feet, though I think mine are fatter (they're fatter than almost everyone's). Ultimately I bought myself a new pair of sandals so as to have something less clunky than the ones I've been wearing. These will probably not be useful for much longer this year, but it will be good to have nice ones to look forward to next spring/summer. We also went to Silk Road and sniffed all the teas and sampled a lovely iced green tea mixed with lime-aid.

Before meeting [ profile] lidocafe, I visited the downtown produce market, and also Eddie Bauer, where I spent too much money, not even on things for work, or at least not entirely: one three-quarter length polo shirt suitable for work and two pairs of jeans, the second one only because it was half price and I got partly flattered into it, although I did need some new jeans and the "primary" pair are grey, which I really like. The downtown Eddie Bauer is staffed by a little flotilla of gay young men, who can be very persuasive. I like buying clothes from gay young men, because if I can say this without lapsing into stereotype, they exude a kind of bright cheeriness and are usually much more helpful about whether something looks good or not than young women. Young women either lie insincerely because they want the sale, or look at you pityingly and suggest a size 14. Eddie Bauer now has those ridiculous sizes for people who need to feel good about pretending they really wear a size 4 - you know, the ones that start at zero? I mean, for heavens sake, size zero?? When we got to the checkout, the young man yawned hugely and said to his co-worker "I hardly got any sleep last night." I said "That sounds interesting" and he shot me a sharp, amused look - really seeing me for the first time as potentially a person and not just a middle-aged woman in a shop catering to middle-aged women.

Afterwards, I stopped in at the Market on Yates but they didn't have the Oolong tea that I wanted, although I did get a couple of boxes of organic creamy carrot soup which I can't get anywhere else. Then it was home to take doggies for a walk, supper and some of Smallville which I'm watching because I couldn't get Deadwood or Rome.

This morning, I'm feeling definitely as if I'm coming down with that cold that's going around. Drat. However, I have lots of fresh fruit in the house and some nice teas bought yesterday, including a very lemony one, which should be sovereign. I'll also dose myself with Cold FX and echinacea, so we'll see. Later, I'm meeting dr for a walk and then dinner. I hope. If she doesn't bail at the last minute, which she often does. Stay tuned.